Award Winning Kitchen - Design & Build Award Winning Kitchen 2 - Design & Build
2010 BEST OF SHOW KBIS Design/Vision Awards

Designing a new living space in your home is a very exciting process that demands creative energy and vision. The end result is life changing. Whether the scope of the design/build process is a small renovation or a grand addition, the experience is often challenging to take on inside our busy lives.  Insignia brings over 20 years of experience in understanding and respecting the lives of our clients, and will guide you with smart, simple live-in strategies to make the transition between the old and new a pleasurable experience.

Design/Build is a winning situation for any project. When a project employs the same minds designing that are also building, there is continuous design attention through the entire process until completion. This is a very cost effective relationship, because we are accountable to our entire proposal: budget, time, quality and expectations. Because the client is involved with Insignia during the entire Design/Build experience, there are no surprises along the way, and ultimately the client ends up extremely satisfied. From conception to completion, we will help you to realize your perfect space. That’s the mark of Insignia.

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