Custom Cabinetry

Explore an expansive offering of cabinet lines that offers luxury finishes, old-world craftsmanship, and generous storage space. We frequently work on custom finished carpentry or specialized details the design might require.

Grabill: The finest woodworkers in the world aren’t in Germany or Austria or Switzerland. They live and work in Grabill, Indiana, where they expertly machine and painstakingly hand stain and hand finish Grabill cabinetry. Grabill is in the heart of Amish country, where the values and character that built America still shine through — old-fashioned pride in craftsmanship, personal “ownership” of the final product and determined, hard work. As a result, these are simply wonderful cabinets. Don’t pay extra for the Euro or for overseas shipping. Grabill, the finest, most environmentally-friendly cabinetry you can buy, is also your best value.

Neff: This Canadian company produces quite possibly the world’s finest custom cabinetry. Excellent inside and out, well planned, well designed and impeccably executed, the combination of Neff cabinets and Insignia certified kitchen designers will consistently deliver everything you ever dreamed of in your home – and more.

Monarch: Monarch is a family-owned business dedicated to providing their customers the highest quality wood products at competitive prices. It is their craftsmen who make the difference. These hardworking men and women take pride in the products they build. They start by using the finest hardwoods available. All doors, mouldings, drawers, and other accessories are built in their factory so that they can control quality standards at every level. They continue the process by applying a beautiful finish, and then a clear catalyzed varnish is applied and cured in our ovens. The result is the finest quality cabinetry available. Monarch has a vast selection of door styles and finishes to create the look you desire.