Kitchen designer tackles her own kitchen // Stage 3 // The Waiting Game!

Posted on May 26th, by Terry Kenney in Insignia.

IMG_1803Well, I have to say that I am still extremely excited about getting this kitchen done! It’s been a journey to get to this point, and it’s not over yet! And I can hear the click of every second going by – kind of like the Jeopardy game show jingle while the contestants write down their answers! Do do do do, do do do, do, dodo dodo do do! (I know you are singing it in your head now)

It probably sounds like I am crying in my soup about how long it’s taking! I’m really not – I guess I am being more reflective of how this is going since I am on the other side of the project now. I do know that the construction will continue tomorrow, and I am very anxious to get this project rockin’ and rollin’! And it’s not taking any longer than any other project we have done. It’s falling right in to how things should go. There have been no delays, there have been no unforeseen issues – it just takes time. Can you hear the Jeopardy clock? Do do do do, do do do, do, do do do do!

Cleopatra watching me from above

The cat hasn’t quite figured out what’s going on. Each day there is something new to explore – today it’s the cabinets! Her world is upside down too! She’s easily satisfied, however, with a fresh bowl of food and water, and some good chin scratches – me….not so much!

It’s kind of strange when I sit back and look at it from this view point. As a designer, I can counsel my clients on the scheduling and the waiting in between getting things done. If the demo took less time than anticipated, that does not mean that the next contractor is waiting to get tagged in to the ring! As much as the scheduling is a dance, sometimes it’s a waltz, sometimes is more like a mosh pit!

There are bound to be times in any project where it seems that nothing is happening, but it’s the details behind the wall or the waiting for the floor finish to dry that the progress can’t be seen or nothing can be done. I probably won’t be able to contain myself when we are getting the countertops fabricated! At that point, we are so close to being done, you can taste the finish line! Do do do do, do do do……

This experience is helping me contain my type A personality. There is absolutely nothing I can do to change it or make it go faster. I have to go with the flow of the project knowing that I have a great team putting together the project! I will, however, be able to speak from the heart when a client asks why something is taking so long, or wondering when the contractors will be back! I will be able to rely on the schedule knowing the flexibility that has been built in to it, and barring any unforeseen situations, it will be done according to the timeline. We have a beginning date, and we have an end date – and 98% of the time we are on time – that is the experience we have, and that is what I am experiencing now.
IMG_1845 IMG_1844

But coming at it from the client’s perspective, it does feel a little different. While I still have confidence in the schedule, I am antsy to get it done. When my contractor says we are switching things up, and doing things in a different order or at a different time, I have to let go and let the experts do what they do best! Easier said than done….do do do do, do do do….

I am getting a little better at planning meals – stopping at the store on the way home, taking a look at the schedule for the week and planning things out. I’m not an expert, and our schedules do change, but we are working through it! I never thought I would eat as many frozen dinners as we have! The holiday weekend approaches, so I am sure our grill will get a big work out!

Hopefully the weather will hold up this weekend so I can get some chores done outside – at least I have some control over accomplishing things outside. Mother Nature never gets in the way! HA!
IMG_1843 IMG_1842

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