Christmas in July?

Posted on July 22nd, by Insignia in Remodeling.

I woke up the other day and realized the summer is speeding by! It’s already the middle of July and before we know it, the snow will be flying! Instead of complaining about the rain and humidity, we’ll be complaining about the subzero cold and the wind chill!

As I thought more about how fast the summer was going by, I got to thinking about our clients. Summer is a time for family vacations and baseball games and pool time. Lots of weddings and out of doors activities are taking place. It’s not a time where many of us think about what the Holidays are going to be like – how many out of town guests will be in the house? How am I going to cook the turkey and the roast, and potatoes, plus keep the casserole that Aunt Rose brings warm until we are ready to eat? Or what about the 2 or 3 extra people staying in the house – does that bathtub still drain slowly? What about that tile on the wall that’s starting to come off? And one sink in that guest bath isn’t going to cut it if brother Jim brings his 2 kids for the Holidays!

Actually, this is probably exactly the time to think about these things, especially if considering a remodel that you want to be completed in time for the Holiday season! I wish I could wiggle my nose and snap my fingers and have the remodel completed for my clients, but that is just not the reality of putting together a comprehensive project – wishful, but not truthful!

I have been in this business for a long time, and every fall, it never fails – we get several clients that want to have their kitchen or their bathroom or their basement (whatever room) remodeled in time for their guests to arrive on Thanksgiving or Christmas. We do everything we can to get them through the process quickly and then stress about getting things ordered and delivered and installed in time for the guests to arrive. I would love to operate the same as HGTV! To get a remodel completed in a weekend is amazing, but again, not reality!


Educating our clients on our process is the first thing we do when introducing our company. And, it’s probably the most important part of the introduction! Unless someone has gone through the process of a remodel before, most people don’t realize the importance of this step and how it can impact the overall success of a project. Since we are a full-service design/build remodeling company, the planning stage is imperative. We take the time to meet with clients several times to insure that the final plan is exactly what they want. Each meeting involves reviewing drawings that are revised based on previous discussions. And while we try to move things forward as quickly as possible for the homeowner, it can take a couple of weeks to get drawings completed and receive samples. With an average of 4 planning meetings for a project, and 2 weeks in between meetings, that’s a 2 month time frame just to plan and design the project properly.

Then there is the cabinet lead time and contractor availability! Our cabinet manufacturers have lead times that vary between 5 weeks and 12 weeks, so depending on the manufacturer, it could be 3 more months before cabinetry arrives. We work hard to schedule all of our projects based on when our contractors can be on the job continuously. That way, there are no production holes in the scheduled timeline and a homeowner can feel confident that the project will be completed within the time frame specified.

Let’s talk about that construction time line –

HGTV has done little of a disservice to the remodeling industry. It is truly wonderful to turn on the television and watch these rooms be transformed before our eyes! From out of date and ugly, to beautiful and completed projects – all in a weekend! It’s amazing what can be done with a cast of hundreds of workers and the magic of the TV camera! The reality of it all is, however, that’s not how the real world of remodeling works. A full gut remodel with everything moving requires a lot of detailed planning, and takes more time than a simple remove and replace project with everything remaining in the same place. Even the simpler project can take a few weeks. Depending on the scope of the project, the timeline of a project can range widely. It could be anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to do a complete remodel!

And when the construction is done, there are other things that homeowners typically want completed as well – things like new carpet and additional painting are usually done after we are finished with the construction. Those things need to be factored in to the overall schedule when looking at getting work done for the Holidays! So, adding up all the time between meeting us for the first time and completing the project, you could be looking at 3 to 6 months! Yes, really!

So, the moral of this story is – if you are contemplating doing a remodel of any kind, start the process now. Visit your designer, talk about what you want. Start your design/planning meetings and take the time to make the plan. You’ll be happier in the long run and you won’t be rushed to make your decisions. Starting now will help to insure that you can see a sample of your selected door style and finish before committing to it! Starting now gives you the time to shop for that perfect stone countertop! Starting now insures that the perfect tile you absolutely must have for your backsplash may take 8-12 weeks and come from Italy, but will get here in time! YAY!

We understand that summer is an important family time – it’s busy with travel and all sorts of other things, but if you are seriously considering doing a remodel project for a Holiday completion, see if you can fit in some time to come visit us now! We want to help you enjoy Christmas in July!


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