K2016 KBIS Innovative Showroom Awards Photos

Posted on February 16th, by Insignia in Insignia.

Insignia Kitchen & Bath Design was selected as one of the 15 KBIS 2016 Innovative Showroom Awards finalists! We were honored by the nomination and had a wonderful time.  Below are some of the Q&A that we participated in.  Enjoy and leave your feedback in the comments below – we love to hear from you!


What are the biggest factors driving the need for innovation in the showroom environment today? // Answered by: Nancy Epstein, Terry Kenney

  • Customers need to touch and feel the space,
  • Need to experience the kitchen and trying it on for size,
  • Clients are always looking for the latest and greatest in storage innovations, material usage, colors and styles – they like to see how it all goes together.

What’s something in your store that you would not have seen or even thought of 10 years ago? // Answered by: Nancy Epstein, Terry Kenney

  • Corner drawers
  • Colored LED lit backsplash – LED Lights in general
  • Backlit onyx on the wall
  • Steam oven
  • Pop-up outlets in the counter
  • Touch activated faucets
  • Curved glass shower door

What’s in the future? // Answered by: Terry Kenney

3D printing – already making waves in the industry.

Innovative Showrooms” – “The Wow Factor”
What is innovation / innovative in the showroom atmosphere?

  • Is it solely the look and layout?
  • Is it use / display of a products and brands?
  • Is it customer service /sales team driven?
  • Is it functional for residential use or just to display items is very new and creative ways?

Innovation for Innovation sake or are these application consumer/user friendly?

Our showroom is set up so that you can see a wide variety of design styles and applications of materials. Truly an opportunity to try on a space and see how it feels. Everything from large kitchens to large master bathroom suite with closet as well as smaller 5×8 bathrooms can be experienced.

Technology will play a large role in the home as we are wired to the internet – refrigerators that tell us what’s inside and what we need to shop for! Blue tooth devices throughout the home and we have a few in our showroom.

Creativity is important to our clients. So, it’s imperative that we show clients that we are good at that part of the business right away. We want them to feel they have walked in to a place that can help them realize their dream space!

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